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u-s-a for the americas cup. emirates team new zealand -- seen here with the red sail -- bt italy's luna rossa challengr the louis vuitton cup this good evening. the peewees will go for the
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america's cup. playing new zealand. kpix5 don kna about pp is at pier 27 with a look at the day in sailing. don? fog is just part of the game here. today, a boat emerged from the fog. >> reporter: it was not wind but fog that challenged the teams for the america's cup. >> it is just all of our hopes and dreams. we get to go on and go through to the end. bring home the cup. >> reporter: the wind hits the summer that saw a team member killed and a capsizing of the swiss boat over a debate for the change for rutters for safety that some said will handicap their boats. it was tossed by an international sailing jury. despite criticism, fans
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defended the billionaire's sport. >> i can not imagine a prettier place. people are enjoying it. i think it is a great deal for the sport. >> just three super high-tech 72 foot catamarans competed. and today new zealand became the challenger. >> the winner of the cup, team new zealand. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: at a news conference, the skipper was asking about taking them on. >> you know, you look across the air and they look strong. and they got huge results and they, you know, they -- they have gone sailing with two boats. sailing teams, getting bike all of the time. so, hard to say what exactly their strength is that sort of it is almost hard it to see the weaknesses. >> what fans saw and continue to see is some of the most advancing racing boats built ming over the bay at speeds greater than 50 miles an hour. they were just off shore, up close and personal. for most of the fans it say
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free show. >> reporter: they won the cup today and that is nice and all but they say they only came here to take home the america's cup. reporting live, don knapp, kpix5. >> now, it is september 7th for the oldest active win for the trophy in sports. tens of thousands of people turned out this weekend to mark the 50th apversary of the civil rights march on washington led by dr. martin luther king junior. president barack obama will speak on the actual anniversary that is wednesday. while we remember how far the nation has come, we are reminded how far we still have to go even if we are in a progressive city like san francisco. kpix5 on the numbers that show inquality still exists. -- inequality still exists. >> reporter: san francisco has
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knocked but one trend. 60% of san francisco residents are african-american but they account for more than half of the inmates in jail. >> there is no way you can statistically justify that calculation. >> reporter: former schwarzenegger administration spoke on kpix5 sunday morning. >> i think we have to dig deeper to find answers for why we have this type of disparity in a city that is supposed to be so focused on creating equality. >> it is the struggle that continues across the nation. powell on "face the nation" on what martin luther king junior would say today. >> congratulations on all of the progress that has been made, let's keep going. the dream has not be achieved yet. >> this weekend, thousands marched in washington, d.c. >> we march because in the '50s it was in the hill and now it
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is trayvon martin. 72 fighting for equality in every sense. >> for them i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america. >> reporter: but for every person who risen above the odds there are many more on the streets and in our jail. >> we are still dealing with the core issue of crime and punishment and race in our society. >> i have a dream ... >> reporter: a society that 50 years after that famous speech on the other side of the country still struggles today. >> we still have a tendency to self-segregate. this isa a san francisco problem. it is a city of san francisco problem. >> in san francisco, kpix5. now on to that wildfire that is still out of control near yosemite. the rim fire on northern border of yosemite national park is slowing its advance. firefighters are still scrambling to bulldoze fire breaks. the fire that is jumping from
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treetop to treetop is nearly 210 square miles. so far, it is only 7% contained. cbs reporter on the fight to save some of california's prize possessions. >> reporter: yes. ann, good to be with you. the firefight here is a 24/7 operation, the latest push for the crews on the frontline is also to protect some of the world's oldest treasures. >> the wildfire reaching out of control around yosemite park is covering the size of chicago. the smoke is visible from space. >> right now we near this area. that is the hot spot right now. >> reporter: the fire engineer oversees the safety of more than 250 firefighters on the frontlines of the blaze. >> the interiors could burn for a long time because you just can not get to some of the areas. >> what is the defendanty to get to a section? >> you are talking about a straight 45 degree drop down. you can not walk on it. >> the terrain is loaded with
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dry brush and trees, including the giant sequoias. the largest and oldest trees in the world. now threaten. >> it is clearing the -- is clearing the bush around the trees a sure bet? >> there is no sure bet. you takeaway the ground litter it keeps it from getting into the trees. the other factor is, if it is running on top of the trees it is difficult to get out. >> the blaze destroyed 20 structures including 11 homes and out buildings. the fire, driven by fierce winds, threatens housees houses in 10 communities. even at 10 years old she understands it. >> i got my suitcase and pillows and stuff. >> reporter: their family packed up their truck and left signs of gratitude for firefighters working to protect their home. >> and the magnitude of this wildfire can not be overstated.
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these are not clouds blanketing the horizon. it is smoke. so thick in some areas, the park service began closing campgrounds along the northern side of the park earlier today. >> and the fire could be going on for months, have firefighters explained their plan of attack on how to get a perimeter established around the fire? >> reporter: the hope right now, ann, they are able to get a majority of the wildfire contained over the next 5 or so days. although they say because so much of the fire are in areas that are just purely inaccessible to ground crews, the fear is the areas really within the forest here of california may continue to burn for months. but, hopefully in areas that don't necessarily threaten any homes or businesses nearby. >> thank you. and the fire is edging closer to the reservoir. the source of san francisco's drinking water. but, the city utility says so
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far the water is still safe. they are monitoring it there is no why or impact to the water quality or delivery. they supply 2.5 million cust meres at san francisco bay area. they say all customers are getting full supplies. it looks like a real helicopter but it is small and operated by remote control. the impact that they could have on the vineyard. >> as you take a live look at the bridge. counting down to the bay closure and when the span makes its debut ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these still photos are from surveillance camera at a ho east of interstate 80. this happened around one o'clock wednesday afternoon. you can see the guy reaching into the mail box. he then rides away. if you know who this is... you're asked to call e richmond police. japanese technology is meeting california winemaki- in the skies over the napa valley. k-p-i-x 5's don ford shows us how japanese technology is meeting california wine making in the skies over the napa valley. how remote control aircraft could make agriculture more efficient.
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>> reporter: it is small but this remote controlled helicopter could have more for the vineyards. >> this is new. >> uc dave sis capping the helicopter as a cheaper more precise spray vehicle for vineyards. spraying only water for now but it could be used to apply pesticides. the chopper is so precise it can treat a single row of vines at a time. and the professor says there are other advantages over the crop dusters too,. >> not a personal board. and, that gives you the ability to go in to smaller areas, fly slower, than a man aircraft so the precision is greater. >> you still need a pilot and steve is it. >> i am a pilot. >> reporter: it may look like something from a hobby shop but -- >> it is not a toy. you know, this weighs 141
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pounds dry. before you add any of the payload, that is about 61 pounds to it. so you are talking about a 200 pound aircraft. >> they need special permission from the faa every time it goes up but these have been around for a long time. japan the radio controlled helicopters have been in use for more than two decades. they tell me that currently there are more than 2400 of them in use. the testing is scheduled to continue for at least another year. the napa valley, back to you. >> warmer weather coming your way just in time for the kids to go back to school. we will have is your pinpoint forecast ,, i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language.
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thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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themselves off buildings fr some 90 feet above the look at this. cliff diving is is back in boston. rather than cliffs the divers launch themes off of buildings from 90 feet above the waterline. this is the red bull world series. it is making its only u.s. stop in boston this weekend. the divers are judged on take off, flight, entering the water at 60 miles an hour. reopening swimming and surfing today. a great white shark last mondaying prompted a five day closure. the shark appeared late monday in waist deep water. >> it seems cool for beach water. >> now, that is why you go there for monday to swim. >> but you said there are snakes in that water. >> well, there are snakes in lakes. they like to cool off. pacific rattlesnakes, not the western, don't confuse the two. they go into the water to cool off a little bit. but warmed up in the inland
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areas. yes, we are with the taylor foundation and raising money for terminally ill children in livermore today. warmed up to 89 degrees. thank you. all who turned out to help such a wonderful cause. hey, ann we were are stuck in this a bit ago, right? >> yes. still a problem. >> it is a problem. the approach to the bay bridge, you can see the clouds in the horizon there. the clouds, they are wimpy and lumpy and currently they are hanging in above the bay bridge. sanfrancisco, 65 degrees, oakland, 69, currently in the 70s in santa rosa and mountain video at 74 degrees. taking you to the golden gate bridge where it is not clear. currently 60 degrees, winds out of the west. 16 to 18 miles an hour. right now at sfo. gusts at 33 degrees. great start, blue finish, making a forecast. back to school forecast. we have that for you. today's numbers, 60s beaches, middle 70s to the bay.
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80 in mountain view. low 80s, slightly above average. a couple degrees above normal in the 80s through san rafael. 61 degrees for overnight lows, yes, we will become overcast and know that because of the future cast. very deep marine layer. in the overnight hours as well. the clouds want to retreat very rapidly tomorrow. there you have 3:00 a.m. morning commute, stratus mixed in the seashore and off of the coast, but, otherwise high pressure is now beginning to filter in with the pass right there. that is an area of low pressure, causing drizzle early this morning. it is out of here. not before enhancing our marine layer. as it does that anticipate airport delays, sfo on arrives nights, marine layer. high pressure filling in. as it does so is. it is a different pattern heading back to school. the bottom line is numbers
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pretty seasonal. 60s at the beaches. we jump up to the middle 70s in santa cruz. 78 in palo alto. and then we swing around the porg of the bay area. well inland into the middle 80s, low 80s in concord and clayton. 80 degrees. we drop the number slightly and throughout mill valley. 68 degrees with the cheering of the bay. upstream. anywhere from 76 degrees to santa rosa to 86 degrees in cheer lake. extended forecast. what do you notice? >> the warmest days, coming up, will be on tuesday anded with. otherwise it is seasonal. it is a summertime weather pattern as we wrap up here in the bayir. this is the last weekend before we slide into labor day. and bay bridge closure. >> well, you know it is a reality folks. >> i am thinking bbq you are thinking -- >> i know, traffic issues. >> yes. you got it. yes. to the east bay.
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it is understandable. right. yes. >> i got a great fish tale for you. a good show tonight. can the tigers sink a birdo 18 forcing a play off? controversy in where a pit accident determined the outcome of the race ,,,,,,,,
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baltimore, a streak of 105 s came you have to go back to april 25th. the last time the a's gave up more than 10 runs in a game. it today, in baltimore, streak of 105 games came to an end.
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nobody is playing a violin for the a's. they are still in the wild card spot. they will take it. they will take anything they can get right now to be honest with you. they could not hold the slim lead. jones, gets it. all happening, manny, scores, tied at 1. adding another run to take the lead. 2nd inning, slicing it down-the- line. jj scores, then, misthrows it. 8 of the 9. still in the 2nd. davis, hits it off. it did not work. they score to make it 5-1. and then the rbis of the season. in a tie for the mvp spot. 6 earned runs. did not make it out of the 4th and the bullpen did not do better. go to jj, they take 2 out of 3. so, here is what we got right
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now. the rangers also lost, a's remain 2 1/2 back. the lead over cleveland for that second wild card spot is down to a game and a half. oakland begins a four-game start. he could not get a ticket. he hung out on the cove. now, starting the unconventional play off. defense was sharp this afternoon. vogi goes 8 innings, struck out 5, earning the first win since coming off of the disabled list. panda adding cushion. hitting one deep to triple valley. 2 runs score. pablo tpwets the first triple. ready for this. since august of last -- gets the first triple. ready for this. since august of last year. we have controversy where a tire changer found himself in the middle of a firestorm after the irl race. danger on the track and off as
6:55 pm
well. a restart, taking the lead. from wilson. he stays at the front of the pack. now, 15 laps to go. final pit stop. the tire changer, he pulls out of the pit. he gets it. and an air gun ended up injuring another member of the team. the penalty for the move and finished 15th. he would of run the race. power would take control as a result. he wins it for the third time if four years at sonoma. he insigne waited the tire changer was trying to get hit. >> you watch more pit guys they try to get out of the way of other people. that was a bit of a. [beep] move right there to be honest. annoyed with that. we had a strong car all day. if that is the way they want to
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try to win. that is bad. you look at it and make the calls, too. we will see what that is all about. the consistency it is terrible. >> reporter: now, prior, named the quarterback for thursday's preseason finale against the seahawks. held out for this with the tire on. now, it was not the force that brought tiger to his knees instead a back injury that made every shot a painful one. getting it 5 under 66. then, 11 under where he had to wait to see if it was low enough. tiger made a late charge. birdo 16. then, another one on 17. after the great approach shot. he forced a play off. >> happens on 18. yes. that is close. 2 more revolutions, he is
6:57 pm
there. tiger goes high for the 2nd. that is a huge fish. >> 14 foot 700 tiger shark was pulled in by a group of marines at a bachelor party near myrtle beach in south carolina. >> that is cool to see. all right, "60 minutes" is next. see you at 11:00. good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> i think the industry is a mess, and i think the impact that it has on real people is just unconscionable. >> kroft: unconscionable because as many as 40 million americans have a mistake on their credit report-- that, according to a new government study. and our own investigation of the credit reporting industry shows those mistakes could be nearly impossible to get removed from your record. so, really, you can't do anything for me? i've just been talking to you for 15 minutes. yeah, i mean, the only thing you can do is to fill... tell me to fill it out online?

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